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Silhouette Heat Pen Set

Silhouette Heat Pen Set

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The Heat Pen applies foil transfer material permanently onto select project surfaces. This can include surfaces such as faux leather or cardstock. As opposed to pressure-based foil that is pressed onto the material surface, the Heat Pen will transfer foil material via heat, thus providing a cleaner, brighter, more durable finish. 

Unlike other heat-based foil transfer tools, the Silhouette Heat Pen is cordless and can be plugged directly into the machine’s carriage providing a painless and clean setup. The Heat Pen is available in two tip sizes – Fine (1 mm) and Wide (2.5mm), giving you the flexibility to choose the tip size that best suits your project. 

Maximum temperature: 150℃(+/-15℃) 

Compatible with:

Contains :

  • Fine Heat Pen (Tip size: 1mm)
  • Wide Heat Pen (Tip size: 2.5mm)
  • Silver Heat Foil (3 in x 3 ft)
  • Gold Heat Foil (3 in x 3 ft)
  • Masking Tape (0.6 in x 10 ft)
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